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Frequently Asked Associations North Questions

What is Associations North?
Why Belong to Associations North?
How Many Members Does Associations North Have?
How Many Educational Events Does Associations North Host in a Year?
Does Associations North Host a Monthly Membership Meeting?
If Someone From My Organization is a Member Can I Attend an Event?
Can I post a Job Listing as a Non-Member?
What is Associations North Renewal Period?
How Do I Become Involved in a Committee or Networking Group?
If I am a Vendor and Want to Host a Meeting Who Do I Talk To?
Does Associations North Recommend Speakers?
What is a CAE?
Does Associations North Provide Information on AMCs?
Does Associations North Sell Their Membership List?
What is the Associations North Cancellation Policy?
What is the Associations North Weather Policy?
If I Join Associations North am I a Member of ASAE?
What is the Story behind MSAE/Associations North Name Change?
How Can I Make a Presentation to Associations North Members?
How Do I Log In to the Members Only Section?
How Do I Serve on the Associations North Board of Directors?

Q. What is Associations North?
Associations North, or the Midwest Society of Association Executives is the "association for associations".  Associations North is a full-service organization devoted exclusively to the promotion, advancement, and development of the association profession and the organizations they serve.  Associations North offers cost-effective programs and resources specifically targeted to association professionals.

Q. Why belong to Associations North?
Learn by association.  Knowledge by association. Bringing people together. These three things are the core of Associations North.  Associations North meets the educational needs of its members by providing numerous professional development and targeted association sessions and conferences.  Associations North's monthly newsletter publications keeps members informed of important meetings, publications, and intra-industry news.  Association executives must maintain a wide range of contacts in order to perform successfully.  Associations North provides these contacts through a membership & resource directory and well as holding social events. 

Q. How many members does Associations North have and who are they?
Associations North has more than 1,000 professional associations, trade associations, convention & visitors bureaus, vendor members and association management companies representing nearly 500 organizations. Its members manage leading trade associations, individual membership societies, and voluntary organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.  Associations North also represents suppliers of products and services to the association community. Of our total membership, approximately

20 percent are association CEO members.
56 percent are association staff professional members.
14 percent are association industry partner members.

Q. How many educational events does Associations North host in a year?
Associations Northhosts a Breakfast with the Experts series each month.  These programs are a short 1-1.5 hour presentation on key topics in the interest of association professionals.  Each month Associations North also hosts a Women's Leadership Connection presentation, geared toward the female association professional.    Along with monthly presentations, Associations North also hosts an Annual Meeting & EXPO in Spring, Leadership Conference in Fall, Annual Golf Tournament in Summer and Holiday Celebration & Silent Auction in Winter.  Throughout the year Associations North also hosts symposiums including: Association 101, Association 201, CEO workshops, and a Speakers Showcase. Associations North's symposiums are full-day extended programs.  You can check out Associations North
Calendar of Events to see an updated schedule.

Q. Does Associations North host a monthly membership meeting?
No, unlike many professional organizations, Associations North does not host a monthly meeting.  Associations North doesn't plan membership meetings on a certain day each month.  For instance, Associations North does not have a meeting every third Tuesday of the month.

Q. If someone from my organization is a member can I attend an event?
Certainly!  Yes, you can attend Associations North events if you are not a member of Associations North.  For each event we have member and non-member rates. If you are unsure if you are a member please contact Associations North and we can check your status.

Q. Can I post a job listing with you if I am a non-member?
Yes.  Job postings are open to all members and non-members. Job postings are listed for a 30 day period unless noted otherwise.  Pricing and details can be found on the Associations North
job posting page. 

Q. What is Associations North renewal period?
Associations North's fiscal year runs July 1 - June 30.  Renewals are sent in the beginning of June for the following year. 

Q. How do I become involved on a committee or networking group?
Joining an Associations North committee or networking group is a great way to increase your participation, maximize your membership, stay informed, learn new skills and have a good time!  Associations North utilizes
committees to plan and organize established programs and services; networking groups provide additional input to these plans.

Q. If I am a vendor member and want to host a meeting who is the contact at Associations North I should talk to?
Yes, if you are interested in hosting one of Associations North's meetings or events please contact Associations North's
Education Director for further details.  Associations North give priority to member vendors.

Q. Can Associations North recommend a speaker?
Yes, Associations North can recommend speakers or other organizations who have speaker references.  When contacting Associations North please know the type of speaker you are looking for or the topic you are interested in.

Q. What are the initials CAE?
CAE stands for Certified Association Executive.  CAE's are individuals who have made a commitment to excellence in association management, career advancement and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. This is a voluntary certification program with rigorous guidelines set by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).  You must qualify to take the exam which is given twice a year and study groups are often formed by those wishing to sit for the exam.  The CAE exam is offered twice a year, once in Spring and once in Winter.  If you are interested in sitting for the CAE exam, Associations North can help connect you with other interested professionals to organize a study group.   

Q. Does Associations North offer information on Association Management Companies?
Yes, if you are interested in information on (AMC) Association Management Companies, Associations North can offer you a list of member AMC's. 

Q. Does Associations North sell their membership list?
Yes, you can purchase Associations North's membership list for a one time use.  Please see Associations North's
Mail List Policy for complete details.

Q. What is Associations North's meeting and event cancellation policy? 
For educational meetings and events, cancellations must be received in writing, via fax or e-mail, no later than three full business days prior to the program in order to qualify for a full refund. Within three days of the event, no refund will be issued. No-shows will be bi
lled. For Associations North signature events (Leadership Conference, Annual Meeting and Expo, Holiday Celebration and Golf Tournament), two weeks notice may be required to receive a refund. See individual event registration for details.

Q. What is Associations North's weather policy?
All Associations North events will be held rain or shine. In case of an emergency, Associations North will notify attendees via email. Please check Associations North's main line at 651-647-6388 the day of your event.

Q. If I join Associations North am I a member of ASAE?
No, Associations North and ASAE are not affiliated organizations. Associations North is an individual organization to ASAE.  If you would like to be members of both organizations you would need to join both.  Associations North offers resources to the Midwest area and ASAE is National.

Q.  What is the story behind MSAE/Associations North name change?
We would love to tell you! Read all about it on our Name Development FAQ page. 

Q. How can I make a presentation to Associations North members?
If you are an interested party who would like to speak to Associations North members, please fill out Associations North's
Call for Presentations form and a staff member will be in touch with you once it is received. 

Q. How do I login to the members only section?
If you are a member of Associations North you have been given a username and password.  By default your username is your preferred email address and your password is Associations North.  The first time you login in by clicking the login box located on Associations North's homepage you will be asked to create a unique password.  If you forget your password, Associations North cannot provide this to you.  You will need to select, forgot my password and it will be emailed to you. Associations North can however reset your password if needed.

Q. How do I serve on the Associations North Board of Directors?
If you are interested in serving on Associations North's Board of Directors, please fill out an application and Associations North will be in contact with you.  For more details on Associations North's Board of Directors please
click here

If you would like more information please contact Associations North at 651-647-6388 or by email.