MSAE Member Conduct
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Associations North Member Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been adopted to promote and maintain the highest standards of association service and personal conduct among Associations North members. Adherence to these standards is required for membership in Associations North, and serves to promote the integrity of Association Executives and the associations they serve.

As a member of Associations North, I pledge myself to follow the Associations North Member Code of Conduct:

Maintain Loyalty to My Association

• Maintain loyalty to the association that employs me and pursue its objectives;
• Exercise and insist on sound business principles in the conduct of affairs of my association.

Maintain Loyalty to My Industry

• Accept my responsibility for cooperating in every reasonable and proper way with other associations and / or association executives;
• Utilize every opportunity to improve public understanding of the principle of voluntary associations;
• Not engage in or tolerate any exploitation of my association, industry, or profession;

Maintain Loyalty to My Members

• Uphold the confidential relationship between the individual members of my association and myself, and the confidential information entrusted to me through the association office;
• Serve all members of my association impartially, and provide no special privilege to any individual member, or accept special personal compensation from an individual member, except with the knowledge and consent of my association.

Maintain High Standards of Ethical, Legal, Personal, and Professional Conduct

• Recognize and fulfill my responsibility and that of my association to uphold all laws and regulations relating to my association’s activities;
• Comply with all state and federal statutes governing lobbying and political activities;
• Use only legal and ethical means in seeking to influence legislation or regulation;
• Issue no false or misleading statements to the public.

Disclose Conflicts of Interest

In volunteering to serve on the Associations North board or official committees, identify and disclose any potential conflicts of interest with Associations North that would be detrimental to the organization.

Approved 12/8/06